History of Angus at Manasan Farm


Bulls playing touch

1954 The first herd was established with 25 black Angus. 
1960 The beginning of artificial insemination with semen taken from the bulls of Manasan Farm.
1961 The herd is 1 of 2 pioneers in performance controle in Québec. 
1970 The herd has grown to 265 black Angus cows. 
1987 Manasan Farm adopts its first red Angus cows coming from Sixmile Red Angus. 


Red angus in the spring


In 1999, the herd of Manasan Farm has : 

  • 110 purebred Angus cows (50% red and 50% black)

  • 21 bulls in the (Asbestos) bull test station

  • 30 heifers

  • 5 mature bulls


Our sires and semen are chosen to increase calving ease, to reduce birth weights, to maximize milk production on the females, as well as to obtain the best possible marbling in the meat. 
Manasan Farm has always put priority on buying high quality bulls such as SOUTHOLM BARLAD 2H, 4S CLASSIC, WK STARSTRUCK 121, KBJ RED GOLD REDGEIS 246 '97, all chosen from highly respected farms.  In fact, only bulls with the highest factors of  repetitiveness are used for reproduction purposes. 

This is why today, the quality of the herd at Manasan Farm is renowned. 


One of the herd sires

Our year 2007 sire is 
Red Soo Line Wild Card 6107

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