In 1953, 850 acres of territory were bought by Robert Laberge. At that time, it had been abandoned for 7 years. But he had quickly prepared the land and its buildings which would soon become Manasan Farm Ltd. In fact, less than a year later, Manasan Farm welcomed its first herd of beef cattle with the purchase of 25 black Angus and also added 100 crossbred ewes. Manasan Farm has, since the beginning, always kept a place for horses as breeding Arabians became a favourite hobby.  

Manasan Farm in 1998

Today, Manasan Farm Ltd has approximately 166 purebred black and red Angus, 380 purebred Hampshire and crossbred ewes, 5 Arabian horses, and many dogs and cats (and let's not forget the donkey!). The quality of its breeding stock is the pride and joy of everyone at Manasan Farm Ltd and reflects all the hard work being put into every day at the farm. 

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